Abseiling – Rap Jumping

@ R380-00 Ex-VAT

Come enjoy our beautiful gorge and experience the exhilaration of abseiling or rap jumping down sheer cliffs up to 60 meters high! Rappelling, jumping; to be attempted by the bravest of the brave only. It might look a little crazy when you first see it, but guess what? It is! Rap jumping or abseiling is an extreme activity but our team are fully qualified and experienced abseil and rap jumping instructors, where safety is the number one aim.

Abseiling Down Rock FaceAbseiling

Abseiling, or rappelling as it is called by many mountaineers, is sliding down a rope under controlled conditions. The term comes from the German word “abseilen,” which translates as “top rope down.”

Rap Jumping

Rap Jumping also known as forward abseil running or rappeling, is a technique used by special forces and adrenaline-junkies alike, where forward-vision is required during an abseil.


We are an extreme abseiling company based in Pretoria and we are there to give you the experience of a lifetime! Abseiling and rap jumping have been extreme activities for a very long time and still continues to astonish beginners!



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