Bungo Drum

@ R170-00 Ex-VAT


Discover your innermost rhythm! Join our professional for a drumming session, and soon you will be beating to the ancient rhythms of creation. This right here is the ideal activity for business functions, team building and parties. Team building is a huge deal when it comes to running a successful business, not only for better production, but then also in the workplace the vibe between everyone is good and everyone is happy. Team building activities force team work, yet in a good way and this builds relationships between colleagues, which is a good thing! With our bongo drums around a fire, we allow team bonding and everyone has a great time before the day reaches its end! What better day could you and your family/ or work colleagues have than to get outdoors and enjoy the company of the people around you most of the time, with the exception of being in this new, beautiful wilderness!
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