Team Building at its Best!

Team Building at its Best!

When THAT time of year comes when a manager should organize a function for his/her team it is sometimes a grueling task to just think about.  

All good managers know there is 5 smart ways to build your team’s potential to reach the companies goals.

Planning your Team building event should be no more than exactly this;

1. Play to each individuals strength 

At Adventure zone we offer a wide variety of activities, something for young and old, the brave and not so brave.  We often devide the group into teams in order for them to support, assist and help each other to use each individual’s strength to the team’s advantage in completing the activities

2.  Encourage transparency

Let your team choose which activities they want to do, show them our different options and encourage them in this way to take part not only in planning but enjoying the entire event.  We offer transport and also different menu options which range from self braai options, light lunch to buffet menus served on our deck at Muningi gorge.

3.  Establish ground rules

To make it interesting have some ground rules for the day, the first one to chicken out has to pay for a round of drinks.

4. Let them know you have their back

Take part in the activities, all good managers should lead by example and show their team how it’s done and what you expect of them.  

5. Provide an incentive

A round of shooters and a beer or two is always a good incentive after a day of fun filled, adrenaline pumping activities.  Our capable team is ready to take your order and see to your needs while you relax and have a laugh and chat about the day’s events.

Lastly a good manager never delay after a decision was made, so phone us today to plan and organize a team build day for your team that NOBODY will ever forget.

We cannot wait to have your team over!

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