Weekend Fun with Friends

Weekend Fun with Friends

Often i find myself creating and planning a social group with a couple of friends in my mind, in order for us to meet up on a regular basis, life gets so busy and we often don’t spend enough time with friends and family as we would like to.

We’ve had a dinner club with a couple of friends which was an amazing event we had planned and scheduled for each month, this forced us in a good way to spend quality time with friends who you want to see on a frequent basis, unfortunately this group dissolved, but it inspired me to try and get a similar group together but this time rather do something that includes the entire family and take you to see different places and experience different things each time, something both, the kids and adults will love each time.

Here’s a few tips on how to plan and set up a great day with your friends;

1.  Decide on the size of the group.

My experience, keep it small, by doing so you keep the logistics and planning easy.  It’s much easier to plan a fun day for a small group rather than a big group.  Invite the selected few to join your new group and ask for their inputs. 

2. Know your group

Know how many adults and kids are in the group, know their ages.  If you want to plan something that might have an age restriction you will need to know that kind of information.

3.  Decide on a budget for each day

Each couple will get a turn to plan a day, make sure the group discussed beforehand how much everyone is willing to pay per day, as this could possibly be a very sensitive subject and could cause the group to dissolve if you don’t properly set price and budget rules before you start planning.

4.  Which day of the weekend is the best for everyone

Decide on a specific day and try to stick to it, it just makes the planning so much easier.

5.  Wishlist

Gather information and make a list of all the things everyone wants to do, a type of bucket list for your group, keep everyone in mind.  a Few things that’s on my bucket list, most of these  i have done already but would love to experience them with my friends and kids.  All of them are not child friendly so we will have to make alternative arrangements should we decide to do those activities;

  • Sky dive
  • Gorge Glide (Adventure Zone Cullinan)
  • Hiking with kids
  • Picnic in Botanical gardens
  • Bounce

Just to name a few.

6.  Nothing left to plan – JUST DO IT 

Don’t get to a point where you’re sorry you didn’t spend more time with your friends, there is never a better time than NOW.

For a wonderful day filled with about 15 different adventure activities to choose from, visit ADVENTURE ZONE CULLINAN’S website, we cater for young and old, brave and scared, we have activities for everyone with very capable guides to make your day even more memorable.

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Happy planning


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